Khloe Kardashian Is Facing Huge Backlash For The Way She Is Holding Her Daughter

It seems like no matter what the Kardashians do, the internet will have opinions, and will say them aloud. This time, Khloe Kardashian received major backlash in her Instagram post, because some people believe that she is not supporting her baby daughter True Thompson’s back.

The picture shows the KUWTK star and her baby at the Cleveland Botanical Garden, with Khloe posing next to a bed of plants, with a butterfly on her hand the True strapped to her body with a harness. She captioned the picture “The Botanical Garden.”

khloe kardashian daughter style

The picture was cute and all, but a lot of people commented on the way she was holding her baby. A lot of people took to her post to criticize the way Khloe was holding True away from her, rather than face to face, because of the influence that her breasts and body and have on her baby’s delicate spine. One user slammed the reality TV star by commenting:

It is better for mother and child. Your child is in the ‘M’ position. This is an ergonomic posture. A child has support from knee to knee. Back is not too hard or soft. Google the benefits; it is really better for your baby. The face of your child must face the mother. Otherwise, the breasts of the mother can influence the child’s spine.

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While another commented:

Please if you love your baby use an ergonomic support and turn her back!!! #healthisbetterthanmoney.

And other people criticized her long fingernails, asking how does she take care of her baby with such manicure. One person wrote:

how does she change her daughter’s diaper?

And another added:

How do you take care of yr cute baby with those long nail??oh yes …u have nannys.

While a third one chimed:

Do you change diapes with these nails ? Don’t think so.

Whatever the reason behind Khloe’s posture and parenting style, we are in no place to judge her. We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again, Khloe knows True better than all the internet trolls, so quit mom-shaming now!


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Source: Thisisinsider

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